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Microsoft opens Cybersecurity Engagement Center in Mexico – Neowin


Microsoft has announced the opening of what it calls a Cybersecurity Engagement Center in Mexico. This will join the Transparency and Cybersecurity Center for Asia-Pacific, as well as the one in India, and its Redmond Cybercrime Center.

The complex, based in the country’s capital city, will serve Mexico as well as other Latin American countries, in an effort to use technology, experience, and services to protect citizens and companies from an array of cyber threats.

As highlighted in the post, some of the main objectives of this facility are:

  • Taking advantage of Microsoft’s proactive role in matters of fighting cybercrime, particularly in the dismantling of criminal organizations that operate through Botnet schemes
  • Allowing cybersecurity experts from Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America to work with Microsoft specialists to fight cybercrime together
  • Acting as a headquarters for the development of training activities in order to support the building and strengthening of technical capabilities; these activities are geared toward authorities and the public sector

According to Jean-Philippe Courtois, Executive VP and President, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations, this newly opened complex will work in tandem with the software giant’s Redmond-based Cybercrime Center opened back in 2013. The Cybercrime Center was unveiled after the merger of the digital crimes and software piracy teams, which employed 30 staff at the time, collaborating with over 70 individuals worldwide to locate and fight hacker threats and malware.

Microsoft stated it is committed to invest in Latin America, by bringing over its cybersecurity capabilities to help governments identify “current threats that affect the economy’s prosperity”. To make good on its promise, the company will use its “robust and trustworthy cloud computing” platform to fight cyber threats, as it has done in the past.

In concert with the opening of the facility, a Government Security Program was signed between the Redmond giant and the Federal Police (representing the Mexican government) to promote IT security. What this does is it gives participating authorities “access to the source code for current versions of Windows and Windows service packs, Windows Embedded CE, and Microsoft Office”.

It is not the first time Microsoft has collaborated with authorities on this issue, as the company helped bring down the ZeroAccess botnet in conjunction with the FBI and Europol a few years ago.

Source: Microsoft News Center

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