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Microsoft protecting Mexican people with new cybersecurity center – BetaNews



With all of the talk about border walls and immigration in the news lately, something very important sometimes gets forgotten in the discussion — Mexicans are people. In other words, these folks are just as important as anyone else; they are not statistics. The same goes for everyone regardless of skin color, religion, region, or country. All humans matter.

Microsoft is a company that focuses on all people globally — its products and initiatives are improving lives all over the world. Today, the Windows-maker announces it will better protect Mexicans and other Latin American people regarding information security. How? Microsoft has opened a new cybersecurity center in Mexico. The company is also working with Mexico’s Federal Police to better fight cybercrime.

“To reinforce its commitment to help people, companies and countries within Latin America to continue their journey towards digital transformation, Microsoft is launching a Cybersecurity Engagement Center in Mexico, part of a global initiative to present the company’s unique perspective on matters of IT security, which is not only the result of several decades of experience in the development and ongoing improvement of software, but also of the operation of one of the industry’s most robust and trustworthy cloud computing platforms,” says Microsoft.

Jean-Philippe Courtois, executive vice president and president, Microsoft Global Sales, Marketing and Operations says, “This new center will work together with Microsoft’s Cybercrime Center in Redmond, Washington. The objective is to help companies and governments with security solutions, which help them in their digital transformation through the international support of the intelligence, data analysis, avant-garde forensics and legal strategies that we offer.”

Microsoft shares some of the benefits of this new cybersecurity center below:

  • Taking advantage of Microsoft’s proactive role in matters of fighting cybercrime, particularly in the dismantling of criminal organizations that operate through Botnet schemes
  • Allowing cybersecurity experts from Mexico and elsewhere in Latin America to work with Microsoft specialists to fight cybercrime together
  • Acting as a headquarters for the development of training activities in order to support the building and strengthening of technical capabilities; these activities are geared toward authorities and the public sector

It is important to note that these regional cybersecurity centers will not operate as silos. Actually, Microsoft promises that its centers — including the one in Redmond, Washington — will work together to better fight cyberattacks, cybercrime, and other security matters.

It is for this reason that the Windows-maker deserves major kudos. By detecting things globally, everyone benefits. In other words, detecting cybercrime in Mexico can help protect computer users in the USA too. Everyone can win thanks to Microsoft’s worldwide focus.

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