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Miracle gadget claims to let you drink wine without getting a hangover – Mirror.co.uk

A new gadget has gone on sale in the UK, promising to reduce the risk of a hangover after drinking wine.

The Üllo wine purifier, developed by American entrepreneur James Kornacki, works by removing sulphites from wine, which are initially added as a preservative.

Although suphites help to to prevent against oxidation and bacterial spoilage of wine during transportation and storage, they are no longer needed once the bottle is opened.

In fact, some wine lovers have found that they are so sensitive to sulphites that they can trigger allergic reactions.

Kornacki, who holds a doctorate in chemistry from Northwestern University, was inspired to create the product after he learnt that his aunt was intolerant to sulphites.

His patented Selective Sulfite Capture technology acts as a magnet to pull the sulphites out, whilst retaining all other compounds in the wine.

Üllo not only removes the distinctly bitter taste found with some wines, it can also help drinkers avoid the dreaded wine-hangover the morning after consumption.

This is because hangovers are, in part, caused by sulphites, according to Kornacki.

It should be noted that recent research suggests sulphites may not be to blame for hangovers.

Many people may think sulphites are the problem because of the “contains sulphites” phrase seen on wine labels since the 1980s.

However, Dr. Frederick G. Freitag, a headache specialist and associate professor at the Medical College of Wisconsin, claims that tyramine and tannins are more likely to be the main cuprits.

If you want to give the Üllo wine purifier a go regardless, it costs £69.99 and is available from retailers including www.amazon.co.uk and www.ullowine.com .

Selective Sulfite Capture filters can be purchased separately and cost £29.99 for a pack of 10.

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