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Motorola's Moto Z4 will only get updated to Android Q – gizmochina

If you love updates, then the Moto Z4 may not be for you. A new report says the new upper mid-range will only receive one major OS update. For a phone that costs $499, that is quite disappointing.

moto z4
moto z4

Tech site, Digital Trends, reported in their review of the device that the phone manufacturer confirmed that only one major OS update is planned for the 4th-gen Moto Z smartphone. Since it launched with Android Pie, that means it will get updated to Android Q and nothing afterward.

In this age where software support is equally as important as the build quality of your device, it doesn’t make any sense why Motorola has decided to take this decision. What is more confusing is the fact that the Moto Z4 runs a near-stock version of Android, so it shouldn’t be hard to roll out at least two updates.

Motorola does say the Moto Z4 will receive bi-monthly security updates for two years but that isn’t much of a consolation. This news makes it even harder for the Moto Z4 as a device worth buying in a market where it has to compete with the Pixel 3a which will get updates up until 2022.

The Moto Z4 does have its strengths and it even trumps the Pixel 3a in a lot of areas but if software support is very important to you, then you may want to skip this device.

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