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New iOS 13 Beta Hints At Possible 10 September Launch For iPhone 11 – Lowyat.NET

It seems that Apple could be planning on launching its next-generation iPhone 11 as early 10 September. The date was discovered by the Brazilian news site, iHelpBR, who found the piece of information hiding as an asset within the newly released iOS 13 beta.


The subtle hint at the supposed released date can be seen in the illustrated image asset below. One of the apps at the top (second from left) clearly shows the alleged date of 10 September which is a Tuesday. While this date might seem like a shot in the dark, there are reasons to suggest its legitimacy.

Firstly, the image asset was reportedly labelled as “HoldForRelease”, a label that Apple usually reserves for unreleased products. Second, if you were to look back at the launch dates for the iPhone X and the iPhone Xs and iPhone Xs Max, it’s not hard to see why the predicted launch date holds some water.

Rumours and speculations about the iPhone 11 began popping up early this year. Just like the iPhone Xs series, it has been suggested that the new iPhone 11 will launch with two sizes, with the larger variant expected to bear the “Pro” moniker at the end of its name.

There’s also the possibility that the phone will sport a completely new square camera module, that in turn will house a new triple-camera main array. Further, it is expected that the iPhone 11 will also be housing a significantly larger battery, Apple’s new A13 chipset, and an improved Taptic Engine.

For now, the only thing we can do is wait until we get closer to the supposed launch date and see what announcements Apple along the way.

(Source: iHelpBR via 9to5Mac)

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