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Now Loading…Your Reaction on PS4 Slim – PlayStation LifeStyle

August 22, 2016
Written by Alex Co


In case you didn’t know, the existence of the PS4 Slim and images were leaked over the weekend by someone auctioning it off. While we have no idea where he got it and how, it’s confirmed now that it’s the real deal. 

With that in mind, the PlayStation LifeStyle is weighing in on what we think of the console’s design, and heck, if the PS4 even needs it. I mean, sure, every PlayStation console has seen a slimmer revision over the years, but given that we’re going to get a new PS4 model — one that’s more powerful and whatnot — will people even want this slim one? If you already have a PS4, would you buy a slimmer one or would you rather buy the more powerful — albeit, more expensive — newer model? I’d wager most of the people would choose latter, no?

Check out what the PlayStation LifeStyle staff thinks of the PS4 Slim in the gallery below.

Don’t forget that Sony is holding a “PlayStation Meeting” this coming September and that’s when the company will presumably announce the PS4 Neo as well as this leaked PS4 Slim (assuming it doesn’t make an impromptu official announcement given the consoles’ are out in the wild). PlayStation LifeStyle will, of course, provide you with the latest impressions, news and more when it comes to Sony’s upcoming consoles.

What do you make of the PS4 Slim? Do you like the design? Do you see it selling well? As always, sound off in the comments and let’s get this discussion going!

Now Loading is a recurring staff-driven feature where PlayStation LifeStyle discusses anything video game-related under the sun (yes, even non-Sony platforms)

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Now Loading…Your Reaction on PS4 Slim – PlayStation LifeStyle

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