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NZXT has made the perfect PC case for Fallout fans – TechRadar

If you appreciate a gorgeous PC case as opposed to a bland box and you’re a Fallout fan, then a new spin on the NZXT H700 will doubtlessly grab your attention.

The H700 Nuka-Cola PC case has been concocted in partnership with Bethesda and as such is an officially licensed Fallout product, with a rather tasty helping of post-apocalyptic style, as you can see from the pictures.

As the name and the artwork suggests, this mid-tower ATX case is obviously themed around the Nuka-Cola drink from the Fallout universe, and boasts plenty of smart touches like a battered look and peeling paint on the exterior, circular air vents and custom LED lighting.

The H700 case itself benefits from an all-steel build, a tempered glass (quick-release) side panel that provides a large viewing window to the innards of your Fallout PC, and a useful cable management system. Furthermore, the case is designed to make installing a water-cooling system – perhaps filled with Nuka-Cola (or perhaps not) – an easier task.

H700 Nuka-Cola PC case

Crafty cases

This is the second in the company’s line of CRFT customized line of products – which NZXT tells us could be applied to any of its existing or future products – with the first effort being a PlayerUnknown’s Battlegrounds themed H700. As was the case with that offering, this is a limited edition, and there are only 2,000 available.

An optional accessory is an all-metal cover for the N7 Z370 motherboard which is again Nuka-Cola themed to get a more complete Fallout look, although that add-on is further limited to 400 units.

H700 Nuka-Cola PC case

The H700 Nuka-Cola case is available today in the US at a price of $299 (around £230, AU$400), with availability following in the rest of the world later in August. That’s twice the price of the standard H700 which retails at $149 (around £115, AU$200), so you are paying something of a premium. But then again, this is a pretty special case; particularly for avid Fallout followers.

The optional N7 Z370 Nuka-Cola Cover is $49 (around £39, AU$67), and should be out very shortly in the US, with everyone else being able to order it later in the month (while stocks last, of course).

If you’re dreaming of a new PC to play Fallout 76 with, then you might just have stumbled across the perfect starting point.

Also, don’t forget that NZXT started offering a range of custom-built PCs tailored for specific games last year, for those who don’t fancy building their own rig from scratch.

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