Some years ago, in the dark ages of Android, Motorola released a phone called the Atrix 4G. Moto created an accessory for that phone called the Lapdock, which was a laptop-like device powered by the phone. It was not a smashing success. They say those who do not learn from the past are doomed to repeat it, and apparently, Razer was not paying attention. At CES, it has unveiled Project Linda, a prototype laptop dock for the Razer Phone. It’s bananas.

I’m giving Razer a bit of a hard time here, but it’s not actually looking to sell you this contraption like Moto was a few years back. Project Linda is still just a concept. The hardware looks at first like a Razer Blade ultrabook with its 13.3-inch QHD display and aluminum frame. However, there’s no trackpad. That’s where you dock the Razer Phone. It locks into place with a retractable Type-C plug, and powers the entire laptop as well as acting as the trackpad.

The interface is Android with a custom theme to make it work better on a computer (similar to Huawei’s projected mode on the Mate 10). So, you get your apps on a larger screen with a keyboard and mouse. And yes, the keyboard has Razer’s fancy Chroma lighting effects.

For reference: The Motorola Lapdock

This is just a prototype, so developers haven’t had a chance to customize apps. The demo shows off Vainglory with what appear to be menu customizations and minimap support on the phone. It’s an interesting idea, but there’s probably a reason this is only a concept. You’d need a lot of developer backing to make something like this worthwhile, and it wouldn’t be cheap. It’s a cool tech demo at the very least, and I wouldn’t put it past Razer to try and sell something like this eventually.