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Reports of kitchen gadget NutriBullet 'exploding' causing injuries – Grimsby Telegraph


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Trendy kitchen gadget NutriBullet has reportedly “exploded” on some users causing blisters, burns and open wounds.

The £100 gadget is championed as the perfect healthy-eating companion, but in recent weeks there have been several reports of people getting injured when using the blender.

The latest incident has seen one mum, Bernadette Brown, from Brighton, complain that she couldn’t get her machine to turn off and smoke started ‘ploughing out’ of it.

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Ms Brown had purchased the 15-piece NutriBullet Pro 900 series extractor – which retails at £99 – to make smoothies as part of a health kick.

The power blender can smash and blend fruit, vegetables and nuts into nutritious drinks, has become hugely popular since its launch in the UK in 2013, helped by the power of celebrity.

But there have been recent instances of people sustaining burns, blisters and cuts after their device exploded.

Ms Brown, a business psychologist, told the Daily Mail: “My friend had a NutriBullet when I was living with her, but after she moved out I bought a NutriBullet 900 series of my own.

“A few weeks ago I had put vegetables and water in it, but it wouldn’t stop and I could not get it to turn off and I was freaking out.

“Smoke was ploughing out from it and I had to turn it off at the wall. I was lucky the socket was next to me so I didn’t have to lean over to switch it off otherwise I don’t know what would have happened.”

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Ms Brown’s warning comes after Richard Moore, a film producer, suffered burns and blisters after his machine shattered, showering his hands and face with shards of plastic and burning liquid.

Mr Moore, 27, from south-east London, said the machine exploded when he was making a cold smoothie – using peanut butter, honey, and coconut milk – recommended by NutriBullet.

He was making a smoothie with his wife, Ramla, when he said the blades starting moving faster than usual and it started to smoke.He turned it off, but was too late and the machine exploded leaving him with burns and blisters on his face, neck and hands.

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