The ascendance of the phrase “post-truth” in 2016 has left many science advocates stunned by this apparently growing willingness by some of the public to embrace ideologies that favor clear falsehoods over well-established facts. But take heart: Real science and the enduring truths of the natural world can still be found everywhere—and the holiday season offers some opportunities to spread them around, especially via tech gadgets that always play a role in year-end gift giving.

A solar-powered cookstove brings sustainability to a stadium tailgate. And a thermal-vision scope, a self-contained indoor garden and a high-tech wine bottle emphasize practical applications of physics, biology and chemistry, respectively. Other devices on this year’s list of suggested gift gadgets—an annual Scientific American staple—likewise turn basic science lessons into fun projects, whether by updating the old-school joys of Play-Doh or encouraging budding engineers to develop their own Internet of Things.