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Teclast F15 laptop review – TechRadar

The F15 Eagle is one of the US Air Force’s most iconic warplanes, one that managed to strike the right balance between performance and design. With its own F15, Teclast, one of the better known small Chinese laptop vendors, probably aimed for something not entirely dissimilar when it was launched early 2019; a recent adjustment in pricing put it back in the limelight and on our radar. Time to take it for a spin to see what’s inside.

Laptop Lid

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The 15.6-inch form factor has for long been relegated to the entry-level, “boring” status for two main reasons. For too long it was seen as the “safe” form factor as it allowed vendors to pack an optical drive (remember DVDs?) and a physical numeric keypad which is seen as a must have for many small businesses.


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And while a lot of the competition from bigger vendors will stick to a very bland plastic finish, the F15 is all but bland and actually stands out thanks to an aluminum chassis with a gun metal finish. Engineers have opted for a 180 degrees hinge that allows the user to lay the laptop flat on, say, a table.


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Great but not only doesn’t this have any usefulness, it also hinders access to the ports, all of which are located at the rear of the laptop, an interesting but flawed design.

Audio Jack

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Yes, except for the power connector and the 3.5mm audio plug, all the other ones – two USB 3.0 ports, a HDMI one and a microSD card slot – are located at the back. No extra Type-C USB port and no Ethernet ports, which is a bit of a disappointment given the real estate available.

Laptop Closed

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At 360 x 250 x 13mm for a weight of just over 1.8Kg, it is surprisingly portable for something that has a large footprint and is very thin indeed. Despite this, not once did we notice any flex in the metal body.

Bottom of Device

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