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The Beauty Hack That Will Salvage Your Outgrown Isolation Nails – 10 daily

As our legs get fluffier and our roots grow grey, we give our last slither of hope to the beauty hacks we can do from home.

When news of the coronavirus pandemic reached fever pitch here in Australia, most Aussies rushed out to panic buy toilet paper and pasta. But the beauty community? Our loot looked a little different.

We hunkered down and bulk bought face oils and collagen supplements. Because if we’re going to face the apocalypse, why not make that face primed and poreless?

At-home hacks were once the scrappy little sister to salon treatments. But only a couple days into isolation, our fake tans are fading and our nails are chipping, we need help and we need it quick.

Enter: Olivia Smalley. A beauty influencer who has built a legion of followers by sharing innovative and downright ingenious beauty hacks.

She’s taken to Instagram to resurface her hack for outgrown gel manicures. And not only will it salvage your isolation nails, it may actually make them look better.

By adding glitter to the bare nail between your cuticles and the edges of your gel nails or acrylic polish, you can cover up any regrowth. It’s sneaky, effective, and most importantly, crazy cute.

In a tutorial posted to her IGTV channel, Olivia explains how she fills in the blank nail with a gooey glitter nail polish, before sparingly bringing the excess paint down the nail to create a chic, gradient effect.

It also helps to seal down any of those annoying lifting edges.

To get longevity out of your salon manicure, she also recommends you regularly file the tips gently in order to prevent any sharp edges from forming and cracking the rest of the paint.

Genius. Image: Instagram

The result is a long-lasting mani with added pizzazz. If social distancing and keeping your loved ones at arm’s distance is making you go mad, at least now you can take solace in knowing those arms of yours look damn fabulous.

And Olivia has plenty more at-home hacks. Last year, with nothing but a plastic water bottle, a pair of scissors, and a blow dryer, she made a hair curling device that could give the $800 Dyson a run for its money.

Keeping up your beauty routine while stuck at home isn’t necessary, of course. But it can be a great way to feel good about yourself and stay positive.

So go ahead and glitter up those nails, my friend. You deserve it.

Featured Image: Instagram

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