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The Demon Crystal coming to PC on March 28 – Gematsu

Supports English, French, Spanish, and Korean language options.

The Demon Crystal

Regista will release The Demon Crystal for PC via Steam with English, French, Spanish, and Korean language support on March 28, the developer announced.

The port, an updated version of the 1984-released, YMCAT-developed side-scrolling action RPG, first launched for Switch via the Nintendo eShop in Japan in December 2018.

Here is an overview of the story, via its Steam page (heavily edited for better English):

Once upon a time, there was a rich country called Fareis.

Nevertheless, as peace and prosperity continued, the people of the kingdom grew corrupt and the power of the nation declined.

Princess Chris chose the greatest talents from among the people to make the country lively like the old days, and appointed the Royal Guards’ director Ares Nizer as governor.

But the time of trials had arrived for this peaceful and happy country.

From a dark storm located far away from Fareis, an evil devil called Sharud attacked the country.

Princess Chris organized an army of imperial guards called the Justice Troop, and confronted Sharud.

But the Justice Troop was annihilated by the power of the evil incarnations Tarantula, Warrior, Ghost, Dark Warrior, and Copper created by the magical power of Sharud.

Following the Justice Troop’s annihilation, Fareis has been under the control of Shard.

Eventually, Shard attached the royal palace so that they could not fight back again, and took Princess Chris as a hostage to Monster Town.

In order to save Princess Chris, as well as Fareis, Ares Nizer must collect the Bombs of Fire located in various parts of Fareis that are said to have been blessed by God, and head to Monster Town alone…

Watch the announcement trailer below.

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