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The iPhone Nano is actually an Apple project according to emails from 2010 – The Press Stories


A few years after the release of the first iPhone, rumors sparked the arrival of an iPhone Nano. A project that did not see the light of day following the discovery of emails during the Epic Games lawsuit against Apple.

The case between Epic and Apple also offers the opportunity to delve deeper into the little secrets of the American company. The company’s highly constrained communication will not leave much room for leaks. In this case, the plan for an iPhone Nano was outdated, but canceled. Our colleagues found The Verge in the sources of Steve Jobs’ test emails prompting the product.

The iPhone Nano is only mentioned in Steve Jobs’ email

Go back 10 years. The first iPhone is two years old and the iPad Nano is in everyone’s pocket. In an email discovered by The Verge, Steve Jobs mentioned the presence of the iPhone Nano. Meanwhile, the company’s late CEO is preparing for a strategic meeting in which the future of his phones will be discussed. Meanwhile, the project leaked into networks, but it was discontinued. Everyone had a small iPhone idea in mind until the iPhone 12 Mini arrived.

IPhone Nano

Meanwhile, moods have developed. This smaller version is undoubtedly less popular than the full range. Apple has made the dream of making its iPhone Nano come true. In 2010, the company was already talking about offering phones under 4G LTE, two years before the iPhone 5. The iPhone 13 should be in line with a mini version with previous models. However, due to the lack of success of small format phones this idea should be dropped later.

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