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The less data to use on your iPhone or iPad with a simple switch – Mash Viral

The less data to use on your iPhone or iPad with a simple switch

Turn your iPhone or iPad into a fort by following these steps
Do you want to get ‘bad guys’ out of your iPhone? Here are the settings and functions that you need to check, adjust, and enable.

If you do not use an unlimited mobile or broadband connection, use a slow connection, or simply want to limit the amount of data your device uses, iOS has a hidden feature to help you do that.

The function, called Low Data Mode, and there is a separate setting for both mobile data and your individual Wi-Fi connections.

This is how it works.

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According to Apple, the way the Low Data mode works depends on the apps in question, and that you would expect the following:

  • Apps may stop using network information when you are not actively using it.
  • Background app refresh is disabled.
  • The quality of streaming content may be lower.
  • Automatic downloads and backups are disabled.
  • Services such as iCloud Photos pause updates.

It is worth noting that third-party apps, such as Google Chrome or the YouTube app, do not change how much data it downloads due to this setting, expecting background refresh to be disabled.

Apple’s own apps also respond to the limitation of Low Data mode as follows:

  • App Store: Automatic video playback, automatic updates, and automatic downloads are disabled.
  • Music: High quality automatic downloads and streaming are disabled.
  • podcasts: The frequency of feed updates is limited and episodes are only downloaded via WiFi.
  • News: Pre-collection of items is disabled.
  • iCloud: Updates are interrupted and automatic backups and updates of iCloud photos are disabled.
  • FaceTime: Video bit rate is optimized for lower bandwidth.

If that is a good compromise for you, you can activate the function as follows.


Go to Settings> Wi-Fi and search the relevant Wi-Fi connection in the list and then tap the “i” to open the connection information screen. Set the switch to Low Data Mode from there.

Remember that every Wi-Fi connection that you use has its own independent Low Data Mode setting, so setting for one does not affect the other.

Enable Low Data mode on Wi-Fi.


Go to Settings> Cellular> Cellular Data Options and set the switch to Low Data Mode.

If you have an iPhone with a dual SIM card, you have independent control over each data plan.

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