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The Mirror App is Currently Available on Google Play for Android – Yahoo Finance

Always have a mirror ready.

DALLAS, Sept. 19, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — At long last, The Mirror App is here. The app creator teamed up with The Appineers—a leading mobile app design and development agency, established in 2017 and located in Atlanta, Georgia—to create The Mirror App exclusively for Android users.

Not everyone has a pocket mirror when they need it. Now, with The Mirror App, there’s always a mirror to use within arm’s reach. Whether reapplying lipstick or checking teeth, The Mirror App will be there to save the day.

The Mirror App is a great staple to have in every make-up wearer’s toolbox. With the inclusion of a lighted frame around the screen, this app can mimic the best make-up lighting or help visibility at night or in dark rooms.

Download The Mirror App now to make every day easier.

“A great app! This app is very simple to use, gets up close to your face with the zoom feature!”
-{Nicole}, a friend of app owner

The app appeals includes the following user friendly features:

  • Classy design and simple functions.
  • See yourself in your phone screen in great quality.
  • Zoom by 1x, 2x, 3x, or 4x with a button, or use the finger pinch controls to manually adjust the zoom.
  • Use a lighted frame to get better lighting or see yourself in darker places.
  • Only a one-time purchase of 99 cents.

Visit themirrorappmobile.com  for further information about the app including screenshots, videos, and details on exciting future app enhancements.

Visit theappineers.com for further information about developing an app.

Contact: Charles Simmons
Phone Number: 214 484 1547
Facebook: Search “The Mirror App”
Twitter: @TheMirrorApp_
Download the app today Google Play Store

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