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The Sydney Gaming Mansion Home To 5 Expert Young Gamers Making Bank – Boss Hunting

Video games are big business these days, with gamers making truckloads of cash playing online and streaming to millions across the globe. While you might not immediately think that Sydney is a global hotspot for big-time gamers, this one particular house in Darling Point making its Aussie residents millions through streaming.

Known as ‘The Click’, this purpose-built AU$15 million mansion is home to five of the highest-ranked gaming celebrities in the country. Surrounded by a multitude of computers, big screens, cameras and microphones, these players aren’t competing against each other in eSports tournaments, but vying for a slice of the multi-million dollar streaming pie.

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It might sound ridiculous watching other people play games online, but this revolutionary form of entertainment has taken gaming by storm over the past five years, with people paying up to $50 a month to subscribe to their favourite streamer on platforms such as YouTube and Twitch. 

It’s helped make celebrities out everyday gamers, such as the controversial streamer Ninja, aka Richard Tyler Blevins, who has over 12 million subscribers and earns millions in revenue and sponsorship, not to mention American gamer Jeremy Wang, who claims to make $20,000 a month from streaming alone.

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