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These handmade leather accessories make your new iPhone 12 and AirPods Pro look beautiful – Gadget Flow

Did you get the new iPhone 12? Or maybe you’re looking for a stylish way to protect your AirPods Pro? Then you’ll want to check out this handmade leather collection. It includes a gorgeous iPhone 12 stand and a case for your AirPods Pro. Both protect your devices and help you use them more conveniently.

You love your devices, but they’re easy to misplace in your bag and backpack. How many times a day do you sift through the loose receipts, papers, and hand sanitizer bottles only to find your AirPods somewhere at the bottom or in a nondescript pocket that you forgot was there? Luckily, it may have just gotten easier to keep your gear protected and organized with the VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection. With these handmade leather accessories, you may never have to search through your bag or backpack for your AirPods Pro again or risk scratching your iPhone in its stand.

The VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection includes an AirPods Pro Genuine Leather Case and a Premium Leather iPhone 12 Stand. Both designs offer users convenience and protection for their devices. The products are made by a company that has a reputation for creating humanized and innovative consumer electronics, according to VogDuo’s Kickstarter page. A series of colorful, handmade leather accessories for Apple products definitely adds a softer touch to tech products’ often sterile designs. And the items in this handmade leather collection are so beautiful and brightly hued, you’ll love using them.

The AirPods Pro Genuine Leather Case helps you find your AirPods Pro

The truth is, AirPods are small, which makes them super easy to misplace in a large bag or desk drawer filled with other gadgets. The VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection makes the overall design of your AirPods bigger in size to increase their noticeability. At the same time, it’s an AirPods Pro case that’s light enough for everyday carry. So you’ll barely notice that the case is there. Best of all, it’s easy to remove your AirPods from the case. Simply push them out from the bottom of the case and into your hand.

VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection

VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection in use

The Leather iPhone 12 Stand props your phone

Every smartphone needs a great stand. They make it easier to work while keeping your phone within view, which is great for those quick video chats with the family. And the iPhone 12 stand in this handmade leather accessories collection is just 0.1 inches thick. According to the Kickstarter page, this stand is a DIY solution that you can use on the go. Just snap the stand together in two steps, and your phone is propped at a comfortable height while you’re at your desk. What’s more, this stand is made from leather, which rests softly against your phone when it’s in the case, preventing scratches.

VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection

VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection with an iPhone

These leather iPhone 12 and AirPods Pro accessories are durable

You can be sure that these products will last a long time. The company writes that practice testing is an integral part of VogDUO’s design process. These tests include bend, drop, button buckle, and pull tests. Also, the genuine leather material is durable and has a natural texture that darkens and becomes softer over time. This patina differs depending on the user and location and adds to the unique character of the products in this handmade leather collection.

VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection

VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection AirPods Pro case

These leather tech accessories use expert manufacturing techniques

You don’t have to worry about the quality of the manufacturing processes that create these handmade leather accessories. The company assures that like every electronic product VogDUO creates, this new line of leather products undergoes the same critical conditions such as optimization in hand-stitching, dyeing, braiding, laser engraving, leather carving, and more.

VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection

VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection iPhone 12 Stand on a desk

You can engrave these handcrafted Apple accessories

And speaking of laser engraving, you can customize the VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection with your favorite quote or any other message. You can purchase this service in the post-campaign email.

The leather-sourcing process is high-quality

VogDUO says that its leather sourcing process is intense. The company tests hundreds of molds, models, and prototypes throughout the design process. The leather is vegetable-tanned using natural materials. Additionally, the raw hides and skins are tanned in a traditional way that avoids pollution from heavy metals. However, the process also uses modern techniques like 3D modeling and printing for the ultimate preciseness and form. You can read more about this on the company’s Kickstarter page.

This collection comes in a variety of models and colors

You have options when it comes to the design and colors of these leather accessories. The AirPods Pro case comes with either a belt loop or key ring and features regular colors like Black and Tan (for the belt loop case) and Emerald and Red (for the keyring), while colors over the funding goal include Brillant Yellow and Aqua Green. The iPhone stand comes in Tan and Red.

The VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection is a lovely way to protect your devices and make them easier to use. Both the AirPods Pro case and the iPhone 12 stand feature high-quality vegetable-tanned leather and state-of-the-art processes. They are accessories you’ll be proud to carry with you every day. Plus, they make great gifts for a friend, loved one, or yourself.

Accessories from the VogDUO Genuine Handmade Leather Collection start at $45. You can preorder yours on Kickstarter.

What do you look for in a great tech accessory? Let us know in the comments.

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