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These iOS 15 features won’t be available with the official release next month – 9to5Mac


Apple announced iOS 15 in June at WWDC 2021 with multiple new features, including real-time media sharing in FaceTime, a redesigned Safari, Focus mode, and more. However, while iOS 15 will likely be released to everyone next month, there are some features that won’t be available to users on day one.

Every year, during the final beta stage, there are some previously announced features that are removed before the official release of a new version of iOS. In most cases, Apple removes a feature because it’s not yet working properly, so the engineers need more time to fix everything.

There are also some features that were announced at WWDC but were expected to come in a future update. Read on as we detail what won’t be available in the official iOS 15 release.


SharePlay is one of the key features of iOS 15, as it lets users share a song, video, or even the device’s screen with other people via FaceTime. This was the first feature that Apple showed on stage at WWDC 2021, and it was available to developers and other beta users — until now.

Following the release of iOS 15 beta 6, Apple has confirmed that SharePlay has been disabled and won’t be included in the first public release of iOS 15. The company doesn’t detail the reasons for delaying SharePlay, but it does ask developers to remove the feature from their apps if they’re planning to update them with iOS 15 support shortly after the official launch.

SharePlay has been disabled for use in the developer beta 6 versions of iOS 15, iPadOS 15, and tvOS 15, and will be disabled in the upcoming beta 6 release of macOS Monterey. SharePlay will also be disabled for use in their initial releases this fall. SharePlay will be enabled for use again in future developer beta releases and will launch to the public in software updates later this fall.

ID cards

iOS 15 will add support for ID cards in the Wallet app. This way, users will be able to store documents such as their driver’s license on their iPhone. However, this feature is not part of the first release of iOS 15.

You can add your driver’s license and state ID to Wallet on your iPhone and a paired Apple Watch and present them securely at TSA checkpoints.

Support for ID cards was announced at WWDC 2021, but it never became available for beta users. Apple had already confirmed on its website that this feature will be released separately with another update for iOS 15 users later this year. It’s also important to note that ID cards in the Wallet app will be available exclusively to US users.

9to5Mac recently detailed how support for ID cards will work in iOS 15, including a first look at a new system for verifying documents with selfies.

App Privacy Report

Apple continues to add more privacy controls to its operating system, and the company has announced a new App Privacy Report with iOS 15. This report can be found in the Settings app with details on what data and sensors each app has accessed in the past seven days.

A section in Settings lets you see how often apps have accessed your location, photos, camera, microphone, and contacts during the last seven days. It also shows you which apps have contacted other domains and how recently they have contacted them. 

Unfortunately, the App Privacy Report will require a future iOS 15 update to be enabled, as Apple says the report won’t be available at launch. Developers running iOS 15 beta can get this report as a plain text file, but the intuitive graphics shown on Apple’s website aren’t there yet.

Custom email domain

Apple has silently confirmed on its website that users will be able to use their own domains to customize iCloud email addresses. The new option should also work with family members through iCloud Family Sharing.

Personalize your iCloud Mail address with a custom domain name, and invite family members to use the same domain with their iCloud Mail accounts.

So far, this option is not available for iOS 15 beta users. Apple doesn’t say anything specific about the custom email domain option, but it does say that some iCloud+ features are coming later this year, so this could be one of them.

Detailed 3D navigation in CarPlay

Apple demonstrated at WWDC 2021 how it has enhanced its Maps app with iOS 15, which now includes a 3D interactive globe, new driving features, improved search, curated guides, and detailed buildings in some cities.

Explore cities like San Francisco, Los Angeles, New York, and London with unprecedented detail for elevation, roads, trees, buildings, landmarks, and more.

While the feature is currently alive in iOS 15 beta, the same cannot be found in Apple CarPlay. The company says that 3D detailed navigation should arrive in CarPlay at a later date.

Legacy Contacts

Apple will finally let users set “Legacy Contacts” to their Apple ID in case of death. These contacts will then be able to access your account and data even without having your password. Of course, this requires proof that the owner of the Apple ID has died.

The Digital Legacy program allows you to designate people as Legacy Contacts so they can access your account and personal information in the event of your death.

The Legacy Contacts feature was available to iOS 15 beta users until the fourth release, but it has now been removed. Apple says the option “will return in a future release.”

Universal Control

Universal Control is one of the most anticipated features of iOS 15. Introduced at WWDC, it lets Mac users control an iPad or even another Mac using the keyboard and mouse of their main computer.

How Universal Control works

A single keyboard and mouse or trackpad now work seamlessly between your Mac and iPad — they’ll even connect to more than one of the same device. Move your cursor from your Mac, right to your iPad, type on your Mac, and it shows up on your iPad.

Apple never said that Universal Control would come with a future release, but so far the feature has never been added to the iOS 15 beta, suggesting that users will have to wait a bit longer to control an iPad using their Mac.


Some of these features mentioned here will likely be added to future iOS 15 updates such as iOS 15.1 or iOS 15.2. Hopefully they will all be available to the public by the end of this year.

Which iOS 15 features are you most excited to try out? Let us know in the comments below.

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