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This amazing 'umbrella drone' is the gadget you never knew you needed – Mirror.co.uk


Going outside never seems very tempting at this time of year, what with the constant fear of being caught in an unexpected downpour.

You’d be mad to leave the house without protection, but when you’re out running errands, grappling with an umbrella can seem like more trouble than its worth.

Enter the umbrella drone – an eccentric solution from online drone retailer DronesDirect.co.uk.

This limited edition DJI Phantom 4 drone boasts advanced tracking technology, which links to the GPS signal of a mobile phone, allowing it to track its owner’s steps.

This means the user can to walk freely, knowing they are shielded from overhead by the drone-operated umbrella.

“For those who don’t want to juggle managing an umbrella whilst carrying out their everyday tasks, then the innovative Umbrella Drone is a gadget not to be without,” said Tim Morley, business unit manager at DronesDirect.co.uk.

“Not only does it offer intelligent protection throughout the worst of Britain’s weather, but it’s a fun and advanced piece of tech too.”

The Umbrella Drone is equipped with intelligent collision avoidance technology, which will help ensure a safe flight, even in the most adverse weather conditions.

It also features a high-performance 4K rain camera, so adventurous Brits who want to embark on outdoor activities can capture the action as they go.

Predictably, this revolutionary gadget doesn’t come cheap – it will cost you a whopping £1,299 to buy from DronesDirect.co.uk.

It also only has up to 30 minutes of battery life, so you’d better hope the rain doesn’t set in.

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