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This could be the new PlayStation 4 Slim controller – The Verge

We’ve already got a good look at what appears to be the new, slimmer, PlayStation 4, in pictures and video yesterday posted yesterday to auction sites and Eurogamer. Now we’ve also got a chance to look at what could well be its controller, in a video uploaded to YouTube by tech blogger and developer ZRZ. The clip shows a controller that looks almost exactly the same as the current PS4 DualShock 4 controller, but with one minor difference — the light bar on top of the controller is now visible on its front face too.

The controller may have a transparent slit or a new light

It’s not clear whether the illumination that now appears on the front of the controller comes from a separate light, or whether it’s simply a slit that allows the controller’s backlight to bleed through. It’s also not yet clear whether the controller in the video is indeed the real thing, but the existence of the updated light bar was seemingly confirmed by Twitter user @shortmaneighty2, whose own PS4 Slim was photographed by Eurogamer after it was purchased from a classified listing posted on Gumtree.

If the controller is indeed real, then PS4 players will likely hope the new illumination emanates from an existing source, rather than from a new light — the DualShock 4 has an infamously short battery life, and its large color-changing light bar has been seen as a major culprit for that. Expect to find out more on September 7th, when Sony has promised to detail at least one of the two new PlayStation 4s it has waiting in the wings.

This could be the new PlayStation 4 Slim controller – The Verge

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