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This Effective Anti-Robocall App Is Now FREE for iPhone Users – iDrop News

Spam and robocalls have become an increasingly worse problem in the U.S. over the past few years. You can probably attest to that fact yourself.

But aside from being incredibly annoying, the worst part about spam calls is that there isn’t much that we can do about them. Most spam calls today use spoofing, which masks a caller’s true number and allows them to bypass blacklists and other mitigation techniques.

Of course, there are still plenty of apps that can help stem the tide of spam calls you may receive. Most options, or at least those that work well, cost money or are subscription-based.

However, there is one relatively new app that could help stop one form of number spoofing. It’s called No Neighbor. No Neighbor is a relatively simple app that helps put an end to a single type of spam or robocall. While it typically sells for 99 cents in the App Store, it’s currently available for free.


About Number Spoofing

You may have noticed that many spam calls you receive come from phone numbers that are stunningly similar to your own. If your number is (123) 555-0001, you may be receiving robocalls from (123) 555-0002.

That’s because a popular number spoofing tactic is to create a fake number and then spam call numbers close to it. Usually, that means in the same area code and with the same central office code (the first three digits of your actual number).

As mentioned earlier, the app is relatively simple. Just open it and input your phone number and it’ll block all incoming calls with the same area code and first three digits.

Of course, its simplicity is also its biggest downfall. There’s currently no way to whitelist numbers similar to your own. That could be a problem for those on a shared plan or families, who may have really similar numbers.

It also only supports a single phone number, which means that it won’t cover both of your cellular numbers if you have a dual-SIM iPhone.

But even with those slight inconveniences in mind, No Neighbor is still worth the download while it’s free. You can find its App Store listing here.

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