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To track anxiety disorders can create a wearable gadget – The Times Hub

Some people have anxiety disorders, in this case, it is extremely important surgery and medication. To monitor patients unable to create a wearable gadget to track excitations.

Для отслеживания тревожных расстройств могут создать носимый гаджет

Rose Faghih, associate Professor of electrical and computer engineering University of Houston, USA, spoke about the innovation. Monitoring fear can be a tool to improve the mental health of patients. The scientist conducted the research along with PhD Dalanganem Wickramasuriya from the Laboratory of computational medicine named of the University. Experts have created a special mixed filter algorithm for continuous monitoring of the level of activation of the sympathetic nervous system. We are talking about the use of the conductivity of the skin and measure heart rhythms.

Scientists consider the reactions associated with emotional arousal. New scientific work could serve as a basis for the creation of a special wearable gadgets that provide control of patients suffering from anxiety disorders and panic attacks.

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