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Top 15 Best Anonymous Chat Apps For Android and iOS – Gotechtor

Chat apps are everywhere, but the users who use them are often seeking such means to meet different ends. In some cases, the most popular chat apps are handy when chatting with those you know, but many people want to use anonymous chat apps to meet people rather than converse with existing friends. Interacting with new people can let you make new friends, acquaintances, and perhaps even find a relationship partner.

There are of course inherent downsides to such communication or sharing of images, videos, information with complete strangers. However steering clear of all of that, these apps can be a lot of fun and a great opportunity to form new bonds with people you would have otherwise never run into.

Most people like using these chat apps on their phones, so the ideal anonymous chat apps would be available on both the android and iOS platforms. Here are 15 great choices of the best anonymous chat apps to use.

Best Anonymous Chat Apps

Mico is a free anonymous chat app that offers the ability to talk to strangers through chat or video, with the ability to filter by gender if you want to talk with a person of the same or opposite sex internationally.

Users have shown reservations about its use however due to ads and the poor rating of customer service, including the inability to delete one’s account.

FakeChat Maker

Download: FreeChat for iOS (Free)

FakeChat Maker allows the ability to chat with others anonymously. Part of the app is the ability to create a fake conversation to make it look like you have conversed with another person on Messenger or WhatsApp. You simply type the messages and they are added to the bottom of the conversation. 


WhosHere anonymous chat app

Download: WhosHere for Android | iOS (Free)

This is another choice for anonymous chat apps. It is a free, private, and safe way to connect with other people around the globe for conversations about any variety of topics.

More than 5 million users have been able to connect with each other and start friendships since the platform started in 2008. As the messages are all digitally signed, only those with a unique ID can see them.


Whisper stranger chat app

Download: Whisper for iOS (Free)

Whisper is a very popular anonymous chat community that concentrates more on random user interactions to discuss everyday topics, steering away from adult-related chats.

Many Whisper users report positive experiences and fulfilling conversations with the people they have met. You can privately confide in strangers who do not know your thoughts without worrying about being judged about them by someone you know.

The topics of conversation can be sorted and searched too, so the conversations are had with people also interested in that topic.


Moco anonymous chat app

Download: Moco for Android | iOS (Free)

Moco is yet another way to converse anonymously with people about a variety of topics of mutual interest. This platform can be used to find any type of user based on gender, age, and sexual preference.

Those who hit it off can even play social games like FriendShop, MatchMe, and Street Wars. The information the user offers can be as extensive or as limited as a user wishes.

The level of anonymity is such, however, that it’s sometimes hard to tell if one is conversing with a real person or a bot.

SayHi Chat

Download: SayHi Chat for Android | iOS (Free)

SayHi Chat stranger app

Another option for anonymous chatting is SayHi Chat which utilizes a great geolocation feature to connect users with others who are near them geographically at the present time.

If users do not want their location to be known, they can always conceal it through the settings. SayHi Chat also offers the ability to share pictures, emojis, and even includes the ability to have a free video chat.

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