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University Expels Student After Hacking Professors' Emails – BleepingComputer

Technion University

A young student at the Technion Institute of Technology in Haifa, Israel was expelled this past week after the University discovered he hacked into the email inboxes of several of his professors.

The hacks took place during the past months, and the unnamed student used a university computer to access the email inboxes.

In a statement sent by the faculty to fellow students, his method of hacking was described as “implanting files for the purpose of transferring email from accounts of several professors.”

The same statement said the student used the information he found in his professor’s email inboxes to improve grades in several classes.

The University didn’t reveal the names of the professors whose emails were hacked or the classes where the student may have boosted his grades.

In another statement by the Associate Dean for Undergraduate Student Affairs, the university said they expelled the student and informed police, who are now investigating the issue.

“These events are being made public is a way to inform you that this subject is important to us as is handled thoroughly,” Dean Prof. M. Orenstein told local Israeli news outlet Ynetnews.

Cyber-criminals often target students by promising to hack schools or colleges and improve their grades, but often times they just steal money from desperate teenagers. The comments sections of many articles on hackers are usually pestered with these types of ads from shady hackers.

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