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[Updated] iOS 11.3 users reporting audio skipping/stutter problem – PiunikaWeb (blog)

Update (April 14):

The problem is much bigger than it seems. Users are reporting the same audio-relates issues during calls as well (1,2).

Yes here too. super annoying, and the audio issue occurs for me mainly on podcast playback and phone calls. the issues on phone calls has been on both ends of the call as well. sounds cartoonish at times on my 6s. it happens on the phone speaker, on docked devices and Bluetooth headphones.

Ever since updating to 11.3, my iphone 7 has been having the same audio issues. after about 30 seconds, the audio cuts off, then comes back totally garbled. this has happened with music and podcasts, and it just happened while i was on the phone. 30 seconds into my call, the audio cut off, then came back slow and stuttering, eventually resolving itself. never had an issue before this update.

Same, it’s also happening to me during phone calls. I also have a 6s, rebooting didn’t work for me either. super annoying.

Yep, I have had this problem too since updating. at first i thought it was my beatsx earphones but it’s doing with other bluetooth speakers, using wired headphones. I’ve also had other audio problems where it just cuts out for a good 5 or 10 seconds when on the phone or watching video apps like stan (that one was just once so far but the phone call thing has been at least three times)

A few times a day while listening to podcasts and when talking on the phone the audio gets distorted for 1-2 seconds. Tt sounds like a scratched/skipping CD. it started happening after upgrading to iOS 11.3

Update (April 13):

More reports:

Original story

The list of broken functionalities triggered by the iOS 11.3 update is already big, and sadly, it’s getting bigger with each passing day. Here’s a new problem that recently caught our sight – just as the headline says, audio skips (1,2,3,4) while playing music, be it the native music player or others apps like Spotify.

A quick loot at the number on the ‘I have this question too’ buttons of the relevant Apple Community threads discussing the matter clearly shows the problem is quite widespread.


Note: The problem discussed in this article is different from the airpods-related music issue introduced by the same update. So do not get confused.

Twitter is also filled with similar complaints.

Going by reports, the issue is apparently troubling iPhone 7, iPhone 6 and iPhone SE users mostly (as can be seen in the following selection of user comments).

Same here. Super annoying. Glad(?) it’s not just happening only to my iPhone 7+. Hope it’s not a scam to move users to iPhone 8/X. Please issue a fix ASAP, Apple!

Looks like iOS 11.3 was a bit rushed out update which ended up introducing a lot of issues. Are you facing the audio skip/stutter problem while listening to music on your Apple device running the latest update? If so, do let us know your experience in the comments section below.

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