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Warzone Clip Shows Hacker Using "God Mode" Cheat Following Ban Wave – Screen Rant

A new Call of Duty: Warzone video clip shows an alleged hacker using a “God Mode” cheat following the developer Raven Software’s latest round of bans.

A recently shared Call of Duty: Warzone video clip shows a hacker using a “God Mode” cheat even after developer Raven Software’s latest ban wave. The studio recently announced that it had banned 50,000 Warzone accounts across two ban waves last week. The latest round of bans was focused on repeat offenders, those who were previously caught cheating, and other undisclosed targets. Activision doesn’t publish how many active players Warzone currently has so it’s unclear how significant the seemingly large number of bans is.

Hacking and cheating have been a growing problem for Call of Duty: Warzone since it was released in March 2020. From glitches that are fixed but eventually come back to actual hacks and cheats, there’s a lot of reasons why players of the game have become increasingly frustrated with the experience. A group of players has even demanded changes to Warzone‘s crossplay to somehow protect the game’s console community from hackers and cheaters under the assumption that most of them come from PC.

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Reddit user Aldosarii recently shared a video clip on the Warzone subreddit that shows clips from a match that included one player that was allegedly using a “God Mode” cheat. The clip shows the player taking the video encountering a shield-wielding player that just wouldn’t die no matter how many times they were hit. In some instances, even discharging an entire magazine of rounds onto the alleged cheater at close range proved ineffective while in other instances, they were even attacked by multiple players at once. The last portion of the clip was the most shocking though, as it showed the supposed hacker getting hit with an execution move, which should instantly kill the target, but they simply got back up again.

If a “God Mode” cheat becomes common in Call of Duty: Warzone, it would significantly change the multiplayer experience of the popular battle royale much more than other cheats, such as aimbots or map hacks. Matches with multiple players or even squads using a “God Mode” cheat would not only ruin the experience for regular players but it would mean matches could potentially never end as the offending players would not be able to kill each other.

Fans and players of Call of Duty: Warzone could definitely feel some anxiety after seeing a clip showcasing a “God Mode” cheat as the implications of a hack of this magnitude would definitely ruin the experience of playing the game and could potentially put off a lot of players from it. Hopefully, something like this will push Activision and Raven Software to finally put more effort into fixing the game to stop and prevent the spread of hacks and cheats in Warzone rather than just releasing more content for players to purchase.

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Call of Duty: Warzone is available on PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

Source: Aldosarii/Reddit

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