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WhatsApp down for Android, iPhone users: Now back online! Here's what happened – India TV News

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WhatsApp down for billions of users.

WhatsApp, the popular messaging application is currently not working properly on both iOS and Android platforms. The users are facing troubles while trying to send across stickers and media files like images and videos. We at indiatvnews.com confirmed it by trying to send images, videos and even stickers. While normal messages are still working, users are unable to send stickers media files like photos, videos, GIFs and more. The app has now started working again!

WhatsApp users are taking their issues to Twitter as the problem persists for longer than an hour. With so many people complaining about the problems being faced on WhatsApp, the hashtag #WhatsApp down is now trending on the social media platform.

Facebook-owned giant is currently working on a fix and the users should be able to start sending media files and stickers again. This can take some time as the issue seems to be in the server. Until then, you can use various other platforms like Telegram, WeChat and more to share important media files across friends and family.

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Update: WhatsApp now working again!

WhatsApp services were impacted today at around 4:41 PM IST. Soon after the app started showing issues, the users took it to twitter to see if others are also experiencing the same issue. WhatsApp users were unable to share GIFs, images, videos, stickers and other media files. However, messages were working just fine. According to a live outage map, the users in Delhi, India faced the most issues followed by countries like Germany, the UK and the UAE.

Such an issue occurs when a particular server causes an issue at the back-end. WhatsApp took quick action and resolved the issue as soon as possible. 

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