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Woman blinded after all-day mobile gaming session – The INQUIRER


Nananananana she hasn’t got the look

A GAMER from China has suffered partial blindness after spending a whole day playing a mobile phone game.

The Chinese woman, known as Wu Xiaojing, which probably translates as ‘lack of foresight and a life’ had been playing the game for several hours without a break when she lost the sight in her right eye.

She was taken to hospital, and after several consultations was diagnosed with Retinal Artery Occlusion (RAO).

The news which came to light via the social media site Weibo who noted that the pictures of her lying in a hospital bed show her still playing with her ruddy phone.

The Global Times (Chinese Language Link) reports that Wu, who works in finance (though we’re not sure when) had be warned by her parents that she would go blind.

“If I don’t work, I usually get up around 6am, have breakfast, then play until 4pm,” she said, “I would eat something, take a nap, wake up and continue playing until 1 or 2am.”

She had spent the whole day of October 1st, which is a public holiday in China marking the start of the Moon Festival, playing the game and after dinner started to report the whole not-seeing issue.

Experts are divided on what actually caused her to go blind. Some believe its the eye-strain from the game, others believe she must have had an underlying condition such as migraines or a cardiovascular condition. We think she was probably using a VPN to watch Adam Sandler films on Netflix and stabbed her eye out as sweet relief.

No. We jest, obviously. Noone watches Adam Sandler films.

10-Cent which makes Honour of Kings has previously had to restrict younger users from playing the game for more than an hour a day due to the potential for this kind of crap happening.

In another case, the author of Flappy Bird (remember that?) actually took the game offline because it had become so addictive. That might have been the thing to do, except that Honour of Kings has over 200m players and there’d have probably been lynch mobs. µ

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