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Workers' Compensation Android iPhone Apps – The Search Returns – WorkersCompensation.com

Workers’ Compensation Android iPhone Apps – The Search Returns

My search for Workers’ Compensation Android iPhone apps usually leaves me saying, “Why so few?”

My searches came up with a few selections in 2015, 2016, and 2017. Last year my search for Workers’ Compensation Android Ipphone apps surprised me. The search ended with almost no apps for 2018. Why?

Wish me luck as I jump in the rabbit hole again. I will report the findings to you shortly.

Using the Search term workers compensation – The following is a screenshot of the results.

Workers' Compensation Android iPhone Google Playstore

(C) Google, Inc.

My old rules used over the last few years:

  1. The app had to have at least 10 ratings
  2. The user ratings had to be 4 stars and above
  3. The app could not be advertising for a service
  4. The app had to work – yes, some did not work

Most of the worker’s compensation apps today never make the four above rules. Let us go with the Playstore search algorithm to find Android apps.

The first one is RoadCash. The app tracks the miles traveled and the medical appointment for travel reimbursement for the injured employee. This app appeared in the search results many years ago.

According to the website:

RoadCash(c) helps workers to claim reimbursement for travel costs incurred due to work-related injuries and health issues. When on workers compensation transportation expenses to the physician, physical therapist, hospital, and pharmacy becomes very expensive. RoadCash eliminates the paperwork and bureaucracy in the travel reimbursement process bringing fairness and justice to millions of injured workers in need.

The app works and performs the task of travel reimbursement.

The second one is Normandy Insurance (c). The app purports to provide you with a quick quote for workers compensation premiums with a few inputs. Most workers’ compensation insurance quotes require a few more inputs. The app was updated yesterday (May 8th, 2019). At least Normandy updates their Android App. Most apps are very outdated. The app borders on advertising. It does return a result, so I listed it.

From their app page:

Let us take the guesswork out of calculating premiums on Workers’ Compensation policies. The Normandy workers’ comp rater calculates premium discounts, safety and drug-free credits, debits and credits for experience modifications and increased limits. With a few data elements, Normandy’s workers’ comp rater will provide you with an accurate Workers’ Comp premium that you can email or text to yourself, or your client. All rates are updated as they change, so you have up-to-date information at all times. Our app highlights the class codes we write in green so you know what you should send to Normandy to get quoted! Spend more time with your customers and less on calculating your quote with this mobile version of Normandy’s newest resource.

The third one that deserves mention is the NYSIF (New York Self Insured Fund) Check (c) app. Late or missing workers compensation check questions generate a large number of phone calls and emails from injured employees. The android app seems very simple. NYSIF updated the app recently.

From their app page:

Quickly learn the status of your workers’ compensation or disability benefits check by entering the
* Claim number
* Last four digits of claimant’s Social Security Number
* Claimant’s date of birth
Receive information about the benefit payment and/or the NYSIF case manager for the claim.

I cannot check to see if the app works. One would assume it must work. If an injured worker accesses their check status, the adjuster’s workload would see a drop. The NYSIF should advertise this app heavily.

iTunes or iPhone Apps

The iTunes store contained no workers’ compensation apps. I possibly did not perform the right search for them. If you have any workers’ compensation Android iPhone apps, please contact me or comment below.

If you have an Android app that does not appear on the search, your company may want to include it as free advertising for the largest collection of apps on earth. If your app appeared in the search and I did not mention it, please let me know.

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This blog post is provided by James Moore, AIC, MBA, ChFC, ARM, and is republished with permission from J&L Risk Management Consultants. Visit the full website at www.cutcompcosts.com.


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